Nurse Call

Nurse Call is infinitely more than just calling for a nurse to a patient’s bedside needs. Today, Aspen Technologies can help design the solutions and offerings that fits your in-patient facility needs. Network based systems can dramatically improve safety and services with patient security, tracking and code alerts built in, together with full duplex voice communication and integration to smart phones and pagers.

Our teams are leaders in the integration of traditional nurse call to include the latest advances in patient wandering, infant abduction and asset tracking. Healthcare facilities from full acute care to assisted living now rely on the information provided by these systems to ensure the safety of their patients and visitors. Family members can be provided the information regarding their loved ones activities and care. The facilities themselves now have the information to track performance, reaction times and quality of care.

The following solutions are now commonplace in the healthcare arena and Aspen Technologies can find the solution for you:

  • Simple Tone/Light Solutions
  • Duplex Audio Intercom Solutions
  • VOIP Nurse Call
  • Wireless phones and pager integration
  • Patient Wandering
  • Infant Abduction
  • Reporting
  • Asset Tracking
  • Security Integration

Aspen Technologies is one of the leaders in the Nurse Call arena and as such, the following healthcare manufacturers have chosen to partner with us in the representation of their products:

  • Jeron