Paging, Intercom and White Noise Solutions

Moving audio to the IP network has revolutionized intercom and paging, not only raising intelligibility but making it possible to include a host of new features without adding additional duplicate sound sources and equipment.

Our certified and trained staff are leaders in the design and installation of these systems, featuring the integration of high-end audio, video and digital signage components with emergency notifications, the inclusion of Apple and Android devices in the public messaging network and interconnection with access control systems for building lockdown.

Distributing information in any facility in case of an emergency is crucial to the safety of everyone and Aspen Technologies can design a system that best fits our client’s needs. Whether it be a full campus of educational buildings and outside areas, or a warehouse the size of four football fields, there is a solution to meet the flexible requirements for each.

Our team can assist with your paging or intercom system installation by providing the following options:

  • Night Ring / Loud Ring / Clock Timer Paging Controller
  • Talkback Paging
  • Paging Horns (Loud Ring, Warble, Alert)
  • Variety of Paging Speakers (corner, wall, pendant, recessed ceiling)
  • Zone Paging
  • Background Music
  • Volume Control
  • Indoor / Outdoor Solutions
  • Video Integration
  • Security Integration
  • Telephony Integration
  • Sound Masking

With Aspen Technologies being one of the leaders in Paging and Intercom, the following system manufacturers have chosen to partner with us in the representation of their products:

  • Valcom
  • Bogen
  • Atlas IED