Data Center

Aspen Technologies is redefining our clients’ expectations of a data center infrastructure contractor as our approach is that of a solutions provider, not simply a plans and specs contractor. The unique mix of engineers, project managers, installation team and certified relationships with all of the major data center product manufacturers provides our customers with expertise to leverage throughout the entire data center build process.

Aspen Technologies understands the unique properties of a zero-defect facility, the importance of leveraging space requirements with the need for speed, services and high density traffic. We stay on top of the industry’s ever advancing solutions of build design, air flow, fiber solutions and pathway construction. The importance of a company’s security is understood and we have the confidence of many of the world’s largest data center players as their choice for infrastructure and electrical contracting.

In mission critical infrastructures, all components must operate each and every day, without exception or incident. Speed to market, increased efficiency, sustainability and reliability are crucial. Failure is not an option. These implementations demand a highly specialized and experienced infrastructure team.  Data centers require unique operational attention long after initial construction is complete, and our post-construction services are designed specifically to address those needs.

Aspen Technologies is one of the leaders in the Data Center field and as such, the following mission critical manufacturers have chosen to partner with us in the representation of their products:

  • Corning
  • Commscope
  • Berk-Tek
  • Leviton
  • Chatsworth
  • WBT
  • Panduit